Dr. Helen Kim, DPT, CLT-UE Women’s Physical Therapy, Upper West Side, New York City, NY

I graduated from Columbia University in 2008 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have over 12 years of clinical experience working with orthopedic surgeons and pain management physicians, and hold several certifications in health and wellness including:

  • Certification in upper extremity lymphedema therapy (CLT-UE) specializing in the Vodder technique to treat lymphedema of the upper trunk, arm, and hand after lymph node removal due to breast cancer. 
  • 200 Hour Certification in Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga, Mat Pilates, Reformer, and Cadillac.
  • Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches for healthcare professionals.

While working with physiatrists who treated pregnant women and pelvic pain patients, I decided to pursue a women’s health specialization in physical therapy. I enjoy taking a holistic care approach in treating an individual that goes beyond rehabilitation through one on one care. Having practiced and trained in yoga and pilates for more than 15 years, I also enjoy putting aspects of wellness into my treatment programs.  

I’m passionate about helping women experiencing these conditions:

  • Incontinence –  Childbirth and aging can play a role in developing or causing incontinence, but it is not normal and you do not have to live with it. Pelvic floor therapy can be the solution and can help you manage or eliminate your symptoms. 
  • Pelvic Pain – Between 8-10% of the male population will suffer from pelvic pain and can often go misdiagnosed. For women, there are many factors that can contribute to pelvic pain including tight pelvic floor and surrounding musculature, medical conditions such as endometriosis and urinary tract infections, nerve compression, and joint issues. 
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum – During pregnancy, ligaments can get irritated and muscles weaken as the belly expands. After giving birth, many women face issues with their pelvic floor such as incontinence, pain, and weakness. While most new mothers assume that this is the “new normal,” it is not and pelvic floor physical therapy can help you regain control.

To achieve the best outcomes, I treat patients for private hourly sessions. Payment plans and treatment packages are also available.

Reach me if I can answer any questions on physical therapy, serving you locally in New York City or anywhere online virtually through “telehealth“.

Reach me if I can answer any questions on physical therapy, serving you locally in New York City or anywhere online virtually through “telehealth“.

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