5 Tips for Sleeping Better During Pregnancy

My patients frequently complain of increased neck, shoulder, and back stiffness and pain during pregnancy. Most of it is linked to poor sleep and difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position. Your sleep set up is crucial to getting a good night’s rest during pregnancy. It is usually a trial and error process for many of my patients, who try countless pregnancy, standard, and body pillows until they end up building a pillow fortress in their bed. It is recommended that you start to sleep on your side (preferably left) during the second trimester to avoid prolonged compression on one of the major veins of your heart. Here’s some tips that will have you sleeping better:

  1. Pregnancy pillows are not for everyone. If you’re petite, these are generally too bulky and cumbersome to use, especially the C and U shaped pillows. Try 2 standard pillows under your head and another between your knees and feet. 
  2. Support the belly with a thin pillow or a wedge (single or double). 
  3. Have a pillow or wedge pillow behind your back that will help take the pressure off your shoulder and hip.
  4. If you get up during the night to use the bathroom, switch to sleeping on your other side.
  5. If your shoulder and hip still feel achy in the mornings, consider using a mattress topper on your bed. 

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