5 Wellness Tips for the New Year

As we get start the new year, many of us have a new years resolution to be healthier. While the pandemic is still ongoing, it is important to keep practicing self care in order to keep our mind and bodies in optimal shape. Try these simple tips to get you on the right track. 

  1. Start with small dietary changes. Drink more water and include more organic foods in your diet. Keep a filled water bottle nearby. 
  2. Boost your immune system. Take supplements or eat foods rich in vitamin D, calcium, antioxidants, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon, kale, spinach, and fruits such as strawberries or blueberries are good choices. 
  3. Improve your posture. The pandemic had a major impact on our daily routines and bodies. Using the couch or kitchen table as work spaces is not ideal and can lead to neck and back pain. Make sure the laptop or monitor is eye level by using a laptop stand or books. Use a lumbar cushion in your chair for more support. 
  4. Move more! Get up often throughout the day. It is not only good for blood circulation, but is also good to give your eyes a break from the screen as well. Try some basic yoga stretches, such as low cobra, downward dog, and thread the needle poses. 
  5. Have a clean home environment. Having more plants in the home can help clean the air of pollutants. Replace plastic containers and utensils with glass and metal, as the BPA found in plastic will leach into food. 

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